"It's Great to be Eight!"

Today was a wonderful day at the Pettey, Trevino, Uzelac home :) My little buddy Isaac was baptized this morning! Check it out people---the newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! He couldn't be more adorable if he tried :) Love you Isaac! I'm so proud of you!



Auntie Date

The first part of our date, I took Kaylie to the place with the best ice cream on earth---or at least that's what I told Kaylie :) PACES!
Then it was off to the Beauty Parlor! This was Kaylie's first pedicure and I don't know who had more fun; Kaylie or me.
Look at that line-up :)
Such pretty toes!
After we got home, Baby wouldn't take off my funky looking shoes :) That little girl loves shoes more than anything in this world---no matter what they look like :)


The summer was a busy one, but it turned out lovely.
I had my 21st birthday and as it turns out, my birthday celebration lasted for a full week and a half :)
My Andy came home from his mission in South Africa. Man, I missed that boy!
The reunion was it's usual frenzied occasion, but as always, it was wonderful to be amongst family :)
This is Aunt Rae's creation--straight from her Days of 49 float that won the Children's choice award. I love it :)
:) Oh jeez, Uncle Rodge. Even though he's four-wheeling from four houses down, he insists on wearing the goggles :)
Kaylie was all too eager to help :)
Connor was my little helper the entire day :) I love that little man
This was Trent's raffle entry :)
Aunt Rae's silent auction was a BIG hit. Even I got in on the bidding
And THIS is my new apartment! Isn't it beautiful?! I have to room with some random girl, but hopefully that won't last long. With my foot already in the door with this apartment complex, I get first dibs on any private rooms that come up. Keep your fingers crossed!


Driving Lessons...

For the fourth, Cody and I did a lot of the traditional things; a family breakfast at Aunt Kath's, a swimming party at Aunt Bob's, out to see the fireworks at Davis High, but something I was not expecting was learning how to drive stick shift. Let's face it, it was a fairly traumatic experience. Luckily, I only killed the car a couple of times (I realize that's not much to gloat about, but seeing as it was my first time, I felt pretty good about it.) and even more luckily, I drive an automatic! :)


The Voice

As you probably guessed, my new favorite show is called "The Voice" For those of you who don't know what it is, The Voice is like American Idol, except for all the auditions are blind auditions. Four celebrity musical icons (aka--the coaches/Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine--aka, Maroon 5's lead singer---, Cee Lo Green--aka R&B sensation---, and Blake Shelton--aka Country Star)listen to the contenders without being able to look at the contestants and then turn their chairs around to finally view the singer and signify they are interested in working with the contestant. If more than one coach turns their chair, the contestant chooses the coach they would like to work with. After that, contestants are eliminated and the winner gets a contract with some recording agency. Aaaaanyways, casting for the second season is upon us and..........I'll be submitting a video audition shortly. Possibly. So! In the event that I actually end up on the show, and just for fun, which coach would you want to work with and why?


168 Hours

One more week till Andy comes home!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhh! I can hardly stand it! Andy and I have been best friends since kindergarten and having him gone for two years has been brutal, but HE'S COMING HOME, HE'S COMING HOME, HE'S COMING HOME!!!


Minute To Win It Challenge!

So the other day, Emily and I hit the town and whilst in my car, Emily discovered these kids meal toys that I had been needing to D.I., and insisted we stop at the park and play with them. As it turns out, they were a perfect source of entertainment----you'll see why.
The objective:
The outcome:
*****ugh, this video is not working, so I'll work on that*****
aaaaannd then Emily locked herself out of her room, so I had to use my Super Sloothing abilities to bust in.
And the next day, we went for a hike up through the Wind Caves.
And this is totally off the subject, but seriously. Tell me this is not my child. Had I not known I've never been pregnant and had I never seen the video of them ripping Iz out from Tia's stomach, I could totally believe she's mine.

Anyway, as I'm sure you can tell, this is not a recap of the past nine or so months that I've neglected to blog---I'm just starting anew. My goal is to have a post (at the very least) every other week, so STAY TUNED!


A city so nice, they named it twice! (NEW YORK!)

Well, yes, we have been home for two weeks, but better late than never, right? So Tia, Mom and I went out to New York to vay-cay with Tiana and we had SOOO much fun! The first half of the trip, we spent in Albany and then the four of us spent a few days in the heart of NYC! We went on a food tour, out to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, to Ground Zero, to Time Square, saw two Broadway shows AND we were on Good Morning America! (The one thing my mom insisted we do!) :) So yes, we were busy girls, but we couldn't have had a better trip. (Except Tiana---she could have done without all the throwing up) :) Here are some pictures!
This was Tia and I on the plane in FIRST CLASS!! WOOT! :)
The next morning, we took a drive down to the Norman Rockwell Museum and I LOVED it!! It was super neat to see some of his original works, and his house and studio were transplanted onto the museum grounds!
The morning after that, we went to a little orchard/farm to get hot, fresh apple cider and doughnuts..........mmm.......I am craving some right now! :) Georgie loved looking at the "Punt-kins" :)
And we all had a lot of fun feeding the baby animals. This was probably my favorite morning :)
The next day, we headed to Manhattan! This is us at the beginning of our food tour. It was so interesting to learn some little, unknown facts about the area and taste some good food all along the way.
You may recognize this pizza place from a few scenes in Spiderman 2 and yes, the pizza was great!
The "Friends" building!
Tia was confident she was becoming a native New Yorker :)
That night we went to WICKED! I fell in love with it all over again :)
Sisters in Time Square
After we went to Time Square, Mom took Tiana back to the hotel to throw up some more. Meanwhile, Tia and I went out on the town and ended up going to a comedy club and staying out till 2 the next morning :) IT. WAS. A. BLAST!!!
The next day, we hit the metro....
....which took us to a ferry that took us to Liberty Island :)
and Ellis Island (which was incredible by the way. If you're ever in town, make sure you get a guided tour of the place. It's well worth it)
Once we got back to the mainland, Tia and I went off on our own to Wallstreet and Ground Zero.
And as we were eating dinner at Carnegie Deli, MR. T WALKED IN!! :)
This was our shopping center--Canal Street---basically a 2nd Tijuana
and Mom was pooped after our shopping spree :)
And before we left the city, Tiana insisted we visit this incredible doughnut place wher doughnuts are........wait for it............$6 a piece!
Then we drove back to Albany to say goodbye to JC and Georgio. I miss that girl. Auntie loves you Gigi! :*